Liberty Awaits

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Liberty Awaits

Liberty Awaits is the 2nd Studio album by The Trouble Notes.

The album is an exploration of world folk styles and an attempt to further investigate the complex nuances of the rich cultural fabric of our world.

As a central theme, the band drew influence from different stories of cross-cultural integration due to the current and historical migration of people across land and sea.

 Liberty Awaits is a vast expansion of their repertoire, an introduction of new instruments and melodic voices on top of a stable foundation for which the group has become internationally known over nearly a decade….

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Liberty Awaits


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….These songs are rich in emotion and spirit, they have a mature depth to them juxtaposed by their playful nature. Liberty Awaits as whole features a deep repertoire that can be characterized as folk fusion. 

Each composition on the album tells a specific story about a character or place that connects different cultures. In addition to the core of the band, the album features tracks with prodigious Ecuadorian singer Carola Zerega, French pianist Freddy Dubois, and Belgian bassist Olivier van Betsbrugge.

01 – Liberty Awaits

Liberty Awaits is an epic mixture of genre that details the story of Bennet’s Irish ancestors’ journey across the Atlantic in search for a better life after the infamous potato famine. 

02 – Never Dream Alone

Never Dream Alone is the fantastic story of the mystical kingdom of Elfia, where people come each year to escape reality and imagine a new world of magic and wonder.

03 – Magnolias

Magnolias was written for a women’s art collective in Kortrijk, Belgium, with whom the band collaborated with throughout their residency there.

04 – Pearl d’Alsace

Pearl d’Alsace is a dedication to the city of Strasbourg and its importance to the band.

05 – Mayahuel

Mayahuel, tells the story of a Mexican goddess who traveled across the sea with her Agave plant to Belgium to fuse with the local brewing traditions. 

06 – Sands of Time

Sands of Time details a trans-cultural travel from the Middle East to an Amazonian oasis.

07 – Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is inspired by the popular Turkish psychedelic rock of the 1970’s with a modern indie-rock twist.

08 – Chips y Salsa

Chips y Salsa is a mixture of Latin salsa and European folk music that keeps the listener’s hands clapping and feet moving throughout the entire song.

09 – Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love tells the dramatic story of two characters from different cultures who fall in love, ending in a blissful climactic resolution.

10 – Tihany Tanc

Tihany Tanc pays homage to the great Hungarian czardas composers who inspired Bennet’s love for folk music.

11 – The Banjolorian

The Banjolorian was written during our extensive travels in the Louisiana Bayou, and fuses popular Hip-Hop beats with Americana Folk instrumentation.

Liberty Awaits

The Trouble Notes feat. Carola Zerega
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